Why Choose Elite Aluminum

Why Choose Elite Aluminum?

When you’re looking for aluminum fencing products, you need to ensure you’re picking the right one. After all, an aluminum fence will serve outside your customers’ homes for years to come! For our aluminum fencing wholesale, Statewide Fencing proudly chooses Elite Aluminum fencing, and here’s why you should, too.

Elite Aluminum is a manufacturer of all things aluminum fencing—from residential fences to railings to gates and more—and they pride themselves on providing a superior product with superior customer service. Statewide chooses to partner with them because our ideology is the same; we believe customers are the number one priority!

But what’s so special about Elite Aluminum? For starters, their products contain a wide range of variety from which a customer can choose, making the experience much more customizable than many other manufacturers. Elite Aluminum offers 4 different grades of fencing, 6 different styles, and a broad variety of accessories that makes the experience much more flexible for anyone looking to make their fencing their own. You can choose to be sleek, stylish, bold, or anywhere in between, and you can rest assured that Elite Aluminum will fulfill your dream.

All Elite Aluminum products are manufactured at their facility in Macomb, Michigan, and they’re finished with a powder coat that can give you an even greater range of customization. The aluminum fencing products provided by Elite Aluminum meet and exceed AAMA 2604 specifications, so that you can rest assured about both the style and durability of the fences you receive.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Elite Aluminum can cater to your specific aluminum fencing needs, we’ve got all the resources you need! Elite Aluminum’s website offers a handy specs and drawings page in which you can see the dimensions and style of any type of fence that they have to offer. This level of transparency is another reason why us folks at Statewide Fencing love to call ourselves a dedicated partner of theirs—Elite Aluminum and Statewide Fencing will work together to ensure that you, the customer, receive exactly what you expect.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you need residential, commercial, or industrial products, Elite Aluminum has what you’re looking for—and you can find it all through Statewide Fencing’s aluminum fencing wholesale! If you’re interested in learning more about Elite Aluminum Fencing wholesale through Statewide, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Trust in the experts when you put your trust in Statewide, partnered with Elite Aluminum Fencing, to ensure your satisfaction.

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